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29 Mar 2018

National Coin Week, April 15-21

Money Museum | Andy Dickes

Hello everyone,

National Coin Week is approaching! This year's theme is Connecting Cultures: From Many, One, celebrating money's role in promoting unity and togetherness.

ANA members are encouraged to share their talent and creativity by entering a writing contest. Topics can be historical/research based, or personal experiences about people coming together through coin club meetings, conventions, Summer Seminar, etc. Essays should be 350 words max, with images encouraged. Winning and high-quality entries will be featured on the American Numismatic Association National Coin Week blog. Prizes include:

1st place: U.S. Mint 2018 American Eagle one-tenth ounce gold proof coin
2nd place: U.S. Mint 2018 World War I centennial proof silver dollar and 2018 silver proof set
3rd place: U.S. Mint 2018 silver proof set
*Other prizes, including 2018 proof sets, will be awarded

Send your writing and images to ncw@money.org. Entries must be received by May 4. 

For more information, visit www.NationalCoinWeek.org.


Andy Dickes

Level 4

Hello everyone, Thanks for responding to my post! Mike: Yes, this is for all ANA members. It will be judged by a few ANA employees in the Museum and Education departments. The subject can be anything that ties in with the theme of unity, togetherness, building bridges, etc. Entries can focus on a particular coin design or issue throughout history, or a general piece about numismatics creating unity through club meetings, open houses, National Coin Week, coin shows/conventions, etc. CoinLady: Yes, professionals can certainly enter.


Level 6

I'd be happy if more people wrote a blog or comment om one here... Thanks for the info..


Level 6

Great theme. Can professional writers enter?


Level 6

I agree with Mike. We need a bit more information please. Sounds like a fun idea!


Level 7

This is for everyone? Who judges? Are you talking blogs with pictures? Just a little bit more information. Does it have to be new or an old one you think is good?

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