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16 Apr 2019

National Coin Week, April 21-27

National Coin Week | Andy Dickes

Hello everyone,

National Coin Week is next week! This year's theme is "Discover the Past, Envision the Future." The weeklong event will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the fist lunar landing, and focus on discovery and invention throughout history

Use your creative talents to design a coin released in 2069! The design should celebrate an invention or discovery achieved in the next 50 years.Prizes include:

Grand Prize: Apollo 11 50th Anniversary 2019 Five Ounce Proof Silver Dollar
Second Prize: Apollo 11 50th Anniversary 2019 Proof Silver Dollar
Third Prize: Apollo 11 50th Anniversary 2019 Proof Clad Half Dollar

Daily trivia questions will be featured on www.NationalCoinWeek.organd the ANA's social media pages April 21-27. Prizes include 2019 proof sets and ANA memberships.

For questions or more information, call 719-482-9814 or email ncw@money.org.


I certainly can not wait just a few more days!

I'm hoping my writing and creativity make up for my lack of artistic talent For those under 18, don't forget the student activity design contest(this is separate from 2069 design contest)


Level 4

hint: its about space but not about apollo 11


Level 4

i'm entering, but i don't know how many stamps i have to use :P but it'll come by next week!


Level 6

Sounds like fun! I'm sure there will be lots of entries! Thanks for the info!


Level 6

If only I could draw. I am full ideas I tell ya!!!!!


Level 6

Andy, I have taken up your challenge and submitted a press release, an obverse design, and a reverse design. YaY!!! Kind of exciting.

Andy Dickes

Level 4

Mokiechan, submissions are judged on creativity and writing as well. Give it a shot!


Level 7

Not for me. I can't get out to look for a free quarter..


Level 6

Better get busy designing. Not for me though. Too wobbly.

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