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23 May 2018

National Coin Week: Winning Entry

National Coin Week | Andy Dickes

By George Morris

Coins have long formed a common language of commerce. Since the dawn of international trade, Austrian Thalers, Spanish Pieces of Eight, and other Trade Dollars sealed deals between merchants, often thousand miles from where the currencies were minted. Nowadays, coins connect collectors; forming the lens through which many of us learn about obscure rulers, economic theories, and corners of the world we would have trouble even finding on a map. Coins continue to bring people together.

At any given numismatic club meeting, you might find ancient Greek coins next to the latest novelty pieces freshly minted for Niue. Likewise, you'll find people from all walks of life. In my club – the Dallas Coin Club - you'll find retired engineers rubbing elbows with office temps, hunters and gun-control advocates united in their political opinions about ancient controversies (ie; Free Silver coinage or the use of reeding to stop counterfeiting), and members whose genealogy traces to all corners of the world sharing a plate of beef fajita nachos. 

Numismatics is the common thread tying us all together. While we may not be able to agree on Chardonnay or Sweet Tea with dinner, our common passion drives us to admire the same R-5 token, MS65PL medal, or large sized note with a PPQ designation. Through show-and-tell and educational programs, we learn about items that may not be in our personal collections... yet. Sometimes, another member's enthusiasm for two cent pieces, or error coins, or the 1936 US Philippine commemoratives can spark a lifelong interest.

Numismatics is about more than just gaining personal knowledge. It's about accumulating and sharing the stories that bring coins to life. It's about teaching how to protect the tiny pieces of art that pass through our hands for future generations. It's about gaming out winning bidding strategies, passing along metal detecting skills, and identifying new die varieties for others to check in their collection. In these and any of a dozen other applications, numismatic knowledge becomes more than the sum of its parts when it brings collectors together.


I did a search on Yahoo to find out more about George Morris and couldn't find any information about him. Does he write on the blog here? Where could I get more information about his writings? Do some of you regulars know him?


Level 7

Never heard of any of them sorry can't help you. I would of liked a picture of them getting there awards. I have read most of the blogs if there here they are using there slug number or avater. We know only the blog . I hope there active.


Level 6

I really enjoyed reading your entry! Well written! Thanks for a great overall view of numismatics.


Level 7

Excellent I applaud you on something that says more than we know. Very well written I hope you have more to come congratulations to you and well deserved you should be proud of what you wrote. Than you very much well deserved. Mike.


Level 5

Enjoyed the blog! Hopefully, there will be more to come.


Level 6

That is one of the truest definition of numismatists. Nicely done. Thanks! So who won the contest and what is the essay please.


Level 6

Nicely written. Great summary of a wonderful hobby!

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