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23 Dec 2017

Pismo Beach Clam Money: the local scrip currency of 1933

Odd & Curious Money | Joshua

During the great depression of the 1930s most Americans had lost confidence in the US banking system as many saw their savings vanish when dozens of banks closed as a result of the wall street crash. When President Franklin Roosevelt was sworn into office on March 4th of 1933 he promised to rebuild the nations confidence in their banking system. Two days later on March 6th he ordered all banks to close for 3 days to allow the newly elected congress time to act. However, closures would continue on for longer than the allotted 3 days, and it would not be until a week later that American citizens were able access banking services once again.

16 Nov 2016

500 Ruble of 1912

Paper Money-World | Joshua

Looking for a new banknote for your collection? The 500-ruble issued in 1912 by the Russian Imperial Empire is one of the most spectacular foreign banknotes of the early nineteen hundreds. It is still one of the largest banknotes ever to be issued, by any nation, measuring 215mm by 127mm. Yet, even with its large size it’s designers were able create a true piece of art.

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