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12 Oct 2021

Class One Doubled Die

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Class I Doubled Die

A class one doubled die to relates to a 1955 or a 1969-S Lincoln cent, doubled. When reworking a die to the hub, the die is slightly rotated to the left or right, creating doubling the letters and numbers.

Class one doubled dies are the most familiar to collectors, but only one of eight classifications. The class I doubled dies are the most valuable of all doubling errors because the letters and the numbers are spread apart and noticeable without magnification. Coin guides usually list these coins with an assigned value. The only "widespread" DDOs with a consistent value are 1955, 1972, and 1995 DDOs. The 1969-S is truly rare, and at auction, new records are set every time one appears for sale.

The probability of locating one of these errors in circulation is near zero. I compare it to the odds of being struck by lightning. It is a bookseller, along with some other error coins you will not likely find. Get rich quickly applies to finding one of these coins to hitting the lottery for a million.

Photos left to right: 1955, 1972, and 1995 DDOs

I will add one classification at a time until all eight are listed.



Level 4

It would be great to find one.


Level 6

I would love to own a 1955 doubled die someday but the years are catching up with me and I am starting to plan my divestment so..... I guess I will just have to settle for a nice picture (:


Level 5

Would like all of them. 1969 seems difficult to find. After 52 years of circulation. Maybe a couple are sitting in jars of cents?


Level 3

Less than 30 have been located according to PCGS.


Level 6

Another nice job of explaining these popular errors. Great photos. Thank you.

Long Beard

Level 5

While not an error/variety collector, per say, the 1955 is on my list.

AC coin$

Level 4

Very nice coin a like cool, and great blog.


Level 6

Nice blog with great photos


Level 4

Nice blog! Who knows, I read on coinworld that a lady found a 1969-S while roll hunting............... https://www.coinworld.com/news/precious-metals/coin-search-yields-1969-s-doubled-die-obverse-cent.html


Level 5

Very nice blog!

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