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27 Jan 2015

War Nickels

Coins | Mr. Wheatie

I know its not really anything special but I found a War Nickel in the rolls I was searching last evening. A 1943-S to be precise it looks to be in G-4 condition. I found one of these as a youngster and noticed the mint mark on the reverse and knew it was different from the others, but as many youngsters would do I spent it a few days later. Once I realized what it was 5-6 years later I kicked myself for not saving it. About a year after that I was searching nickel rolls from the bank trying to fill the holes inmy Whitman tri-folder when lo and behold there it was a 1943-P war nickel! i bet it was the same one that i had spent several years earlier (I vividly remember the date and mintmark). The only reason I say that I think it was the same one is because in a town of 1,500 people out in the middle of no mans land, there are only so many coins. Why, one time during a town celebration a dateless buffalo nickel got mixed into coins that were being handed out as prizes to children who participated in games. I didn't get it that day........ but i sure as heck found one that matched that description about 8-9 months later!

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