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16 Sep 2019

Reissue of coins

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Are coins that have been re-issued from earlier years or as valuable as the originals ? What about coins issued from unused dies?



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In 2014 the mint used the original dies for the Kennedy anniversary. They were worth the same. It's on special occasion s they do this. Great question. Thanks

It's Mokie

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The Canadian Mint does a lot of this. They even reissued the entire 1967 100th Anniversary Coin Set in 2017 with dual dates for the 150th Anniversary of Canada. I am kind of hoping the US Mint reissues some of the earliest US Coins for the 250th Anniversary in 2026. I would love to see a Dollar set consisting of a Flowing Hair Dollar, Bust Dollar, and Seated Dollar all dated 2026.

Many of the Pattern coins from 1860-1880 were re-struck for "collector demand" by the U.S. Mint itself. Of course, they were never really approved coinage to begin with, and I'm not sure how (or if) there is a way to tell the difference between the two. Also, the 1804 silver dollar is a good example.

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