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09 Sep 2019

1883 "No Cents" Liberty "V" Nickel

| copper coin collector

Hi, everyone...

I'm finally back!!

Remember how I had said in a blog this summer that I was going to start a set of Liberty nickels? Well, I bought my first Liberty Nickel yesterday at a coin shop near me. I decided to start with the 1883 "No Cents" Nickel. I asked to look through their nicer Liberty Nickels and promptly found two AU/MS 1883 "No Cents" nickels. Both were $18, so I picked the one which I thought looked better.

Thanks for reading
copper coin collector



Level 5

Welcome back. Nice additions to your collection.


Level 4

Cool! A good start for that series! I started my Lincoln cent set out with a 1909 VDB, a classic!


Level 6

That sounds like a great deal to me.. I too would go with a Dansco album. The best. Good luck and great start.


Level 5

As a Liberty Nickel collector, sounds like a good start. Lots of varieties in the set. I have a dansco album with my circulated set.

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