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11 Jan 2019

Controversial Coin Questions #3 Conclusion

| copper coin collector


CCQ #3 (ugliest coin made), Had a LOT of votes. Partially because I included double votes for those of you who had 2 answers, but here are the stats.

With a whopping 5 out of 12 (41.66%), SBA dollar!

With 2 votes out of 12 (16.66%), Presidential dollars!

With 2 more votes out of 12 (16.66%), Barber coins!

With 1 vote out of 12 (8.33%), Seated Liberty!

With another loner (8.33%), Low grade Classic Head Half cents!

And finally, with 1 last vote (8.33%), 1995 Special olympics Silver dollar!

Thanks for reading, 
        copper coin collector

(by the way, I agree with all of you, and good luck in your collecting!)



Level 6

That was a fun quiz. I agree with Mokie. I would also like to see an Asian American inspired Liberty.


Level 6

I enjoy your blogs on coin questions.


Level 6

That poor SBA dollar! No one ever seemed to like it.

I like most of those coins, however ugly they are. for most of them the designs were the best they could do for that time period, others were just poorly thought out. Thanks for writing.


Level 6

I know the 225th anniversary US Mint Medal, depicting the African-American Liberty was also reviled by a lot of people. I think it was a Beautiful rendering of Liberty. But like Mr. Mike said, some people like some things, and some people do not. Here's to an Asian Liberty medal for the 250th anniversary of the USA in 2026.


Level 7

I don't think I will see that. But I would love to.I have another surgery coming up. Mike


Level 7

I know this is hard to say but many people like those coins also. They sell books with complete sets. Like I said beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But thanks. Mike

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