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28 Jan 2019

Controversial Coin Questions #4

| copper coin collector

Hi, everyone...  

This is copper coin collector with another Controversial coin question for all of you. Honestly, I'd call it more of a Controversial collecting question, but whatever.

Anyways, here is today's question!

Coin Collecting, Token Collecting, or Medal Collecting?

(or all of the above)

What do you prefer?

Post your answer in the comments, and I will post the answers on Thursday.

Thanks for reading,
         copper coin collector



Level 5

I collect everything if I see something that I like.


Level 4

Yes. ...... Collect your interest. I especially like Franklin Half Dollars.


Level 6

I collect all three categories. Love them all!


Level 4

I collect all of the above, simply because I love them all! Tokens are very interesting to collect because, there is always a unique and personal story attached to the history and purpose for the token, this is especially true with Depression Era Tokens. I have hundreds of tokens that I have yet to grade and price, simply because I still haven't completed the research. I'm fine with this, because for me, its like an academic treasure hunt when dealing with tokens. I also collect various metal rounds and bars, because I'm also both a precious and industrial metals investor. However, I will say that I favor collecting copper coins because, well - there is truth behind the phrase: "copper is the poor man's gold." I never had the financial means to purchase gold coins, especially at current day prices. In fact, since I was 7 years old, I have only owned two standard 1/10 of a Troy Ounce gold coins. Silver and copper are much more affordable, and in my opinion is a better investment in the long term, because I can purchase more volume for less money. This is of course betting that the market value will increase for silver, copper, and aluminum, while gold will decrease in value back down to values seen in 2006. This is all speculation and off topic. (Getting back to the point of collecting copper coins). No one can argue that a gold coin is extraordinarily beautiful, but a beautifully amber-toned, standard Very Fine (VF-20) 1853 One Cent Piece can be just as, or even more beautiful (it will also only cost you about $30). At the end of the day, you need to determine for yourself why you collect. So I agree with Mike's and other contributing comments on here, and so I will echo that there are no wrong answers to "collecting;" however, there are wrong answers when you are "investing." It seems like you are mixing these two completely different approaches when dealing with coins into being one-in-the-same. Some coins are better for investing in, whereas others are better for recreational collecting. However, you must understand that these dynamics change based on supply and demand, the economics, government policies, and the collective flavor of collectors at that particular time. So my advice to you (if you are a collector) is to not make the hobby about he "money." Pursue the "passion," not the "payoff." I have found over the years that the people who pursue the passion, tend to have the higher payoffs; but for them, it was never about the money, it was about the journey. My advice to you (if you chose to collect as an investor), is to not confuse "collecting with investing" and vice-versa. Investors are all about business and making money. So if you are mixing the two concepts together, you will be prone to make bad investment decisions and miss the ebb and flow of coin market trends to make a profit. Therefore, "investors" can't afford to be emotionally attached to their coins like a collector would be. It is possible to be both a collector and an investor (I am one). However, in order for me to do this successfully and profitably, I have to choose which coins or genres I want to collect, and which coins are best suited for investing into. For instance, I am more prone to spend more money (not good for investment) and not sell my Civil War Era One Cent Pieces, because I love them (this applies to tokens as well). However, I will collect other coins when the prices are low, and then resell when the prices are high to make a profit (usually to purchase more, or better versions of the coins I love to collect), which if you think about it, is still an "investment," but not from an "investor's" approach. Anyway, this was my long-winded way of saying: "who cares - do what you want - do it all! Just understand the difference between collecting and investing, and further understand that you have the power to determine when to transition between the two. Always remember to pursue the passion."


Level 6

I collect all. It has to "speak" to me first though. Thanks


Level 6

All of the above. Hard Times tokens make a great collection. CWT too. Medals can be nice go-withs


Level 7

I had a mentor. Why I had problems. He said diversify your collection. I did that and it paid off well. I collect what I like i remember that's what we tell all the new people. So that's why I have coins and coins and C.W.T. And Conder tokens. Famous medal made by famous artist. It's very simple if you collect everything for value there are pieces out there that have move value than you think. Sometimes you find out years later. I have coins ,token, medals that have shot up overnight. I bought something from an auction. The auctioneer called the next day and said sir the piece you won shot up seven hundred pounds. The found it belonged to a special collection by a famous man. It still goes up once in a while you never know. I have so many example of that it's great. Mike

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

I prefer coins. However, I do have some tokens and occasionally dabble in medals.

Mostly coins, but I do have some medals. I prefer the older U.S. Mint Medals that they no longer re-strike. Collecting medals and tokens are still wide open compare to coins, which are more uniform.


Level 6

All of the above. I don't think medal collecting gets enough attention.

Are all of them technically coins though?

It's Mokie

Level 6

Like most of us, I have a few of each and a lot of one. In this case, I have a large number of coins, a few medals, and maybe one or two tokens. Those medals and tokens are just a sidelight, I prefer COINS, COINS, COINS, above all others.


Level 4

All of the above, but not all of all of the above. I do collect some medals, and some tokens, and lots of coins, but I'm very selective in all three phases.


Level 7

You collect what ever you want. I really don't understand this. Sorry

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