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08 Jul 2019

I Choose. . . Liberty Nickels

| copper coin collector

Hello again, ANA members,

I would like to thank you for helping me out of my conundrum concerning whether I should collect Liberty Head Nickels or Barber Dimes. I know some people don't understand why others always want opinions about choices they're making, but your opinions mean a lot to me. As the title has already stated, I chose to do Liberty Head Nickels as a second set over Barber Dimes. I like both series and, unlike many, find Barber's Liberty design to stand out to me in a good way. I may do a common date set of Barber Dimes or even a full set (excluding the 1894 "S") once my budget expands, but I now am planning to assemble a full set of Liberty Head Nickels (excluding the 1913, of course) as my second set of U.S. coins.

Thanks for reading,
copper coin collector



Level 5

Excellent choice. If you are doing business strike's, then the 1913 is not part of the set. What type of grades are you looking for? As this is my favorite series, I have many different sets (of business strikes), but have never finished the proofs.


Level 5

Some advice from my experience. Learn to tell the difference between the lowest grades in the series and buy bulk lots . "Fair," "About Good," "Good" and "Very Good" can have very different prices in the 1880s date. Most grading instruction focuses on teaching about the highest grades and ignores teaching about the lowest. In my collection the coins are all "Fine" or better. I bought bulk lots at AG prices per coin. Cherry-picked the better ones. Completed my set and sold the rest at near break even for the original purchase. Good Luck and Have Fun.


Level 6

Happy Hunting. To me, the hunt is the best part. It's where I end up learning the most on each coins. Thanks, I get it now!

Mike B

Level 6

Lots of luck.. It's a great set . I have it except one coin. 1885 . It's the hardest and most expensive to fined . I haven't given up and neither should you. Get a good book on them there are many. And enjoy the hunt. Good choice!!.


Level 5

Have fun collecting the nickels. Good luck!

Great decision. I hope you enjoy putting together the set.

Just Mokie

Level 5

Good For You, I am sure it will be a set you will be very proud when complete.

nice! I hope you enjoy assembling the set.

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