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05 Dec 2019

New Coin Shop, Great Experience!

| copper coin collector

Hello, ANA members...

Yesterday, after school, I went to a coin shop that I have not visited before. I hoped for a good experience and also to pick up a few nice coins for my collection. In spite of these expectations, the time I spent there was waaay better than I had ever imagined. When I entered the shop, I was greeted by a man probably in his 50s (a pretty average coin shop owner, to be honest) and his dog, Dave who happened to be spending the day at the shop. He was very friendly and informed me that if I wanted to look at anything, I could ask him and he would get it out. I asked to take a look at his box of wheat cents for sale, mainly to look for that 1948 "S" that I haven't been able to find yet. Fortunately, I found a BU example in the box and took it for $3. After that, I requested to look through a box of Liberty nickels behind the counter. While looking through the Nickels, I found a nice VF 1911 coin, and bought it for $10. (By then I had spent most of the $15 I brought) After my purchases, I asked him about coin shows and clubs and what his recommendations were. He referred a few people to me who could help me find a coin club that was right for me. I had a very informative conversation with him about coin shows/clubs, and then left, encouraged by the positive experience I had just had.

Thanks for reading,
copper coin collector


Mike B

Level 6

Week When You will find. Administers out there. The fun is in the hunt!


Level 4

That sounds cool! I am gong to a coin shop soon


Level 5

Nice positive experience. Just keep looking.


Level 3

What state are you in assuming you live in the USA


Level 4

how long have you been looking for that 1948 s penny because I find at least 2 of those every penny box i search but i can not find a 1948 D, it crazy how it feels like certain coins just dont want to show up sometimes!


Level 6

Now that is a coin shop. Very helpful and informative. I expect you will me returning. I have only one shop in my area. Good thing he too is a good guy. Thanks.


Level 5

Sounds like a good place to visit. I nice to have a coin shop around.

Just Mokie

Level 5

That's a coin shop owner that understands customer service and the absolute requirement to engage the young collectors. From your account; I think he has just picked himself another regular customer. BZ to Him!!!!

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