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13 Aug 2019

collecting seated and bust dimes

| Larry Smith

A few years ago, I was looking for something to collect. I was just randomly looking through the red book and trying to find something. I was having trouble, but I went back to the seated dimes. I remembered how easy it was to get my type coins at an affordable price, so I decided seated dimes would be the one. I started buying coins at my local coin show, and putting them in a red box for 2x2s. Once I got enough, my grandfather got me some albums for the coins, which also included bust dimes. I started collecting those, too and that's why I collect early dimes now.


Mike B

Level 6

That's one way too do it. I use the Mega Red. 1500 pages of coins some I bet you never heard of. I still read the articles we need to collect also. One days I just take it out just to read it . And if course look at the hundreds of coins. Good luck.

Brian Greer wrote a book, The Complete Guide to Liberty Seated Dimes, a number of years ago. I found it on Amazon. Since it is not a currently printed book, Wizard does not carry it. I have never read the book, so I cannot comment on its value, but I worked with Brian when he was a teenager, and he was really knowledgeable about Liberty Seated coins in general. You might want to take a look at the book. It is probably available on load from the ANA Library.


Level 6

Great plan and. a great Grandpa...Good luck. Thanks

Just Mokie

Level 5

I treat the Red Book like and old Toy catalog, when I was a kid, turn the pages and pick one thing from every page. (:

Larry Smith

Level 3

sometimes I wish I could just buy stuff out of the red book. (:

The Redbook is a great place to find ideas. Glad you have something you enjoy collecting


Level 5

The Redbook is a great place to get ideas to what to collect. Or just dream about coins.

What you did a few years ago is what I’ve been doing recently. Looking through the red book for ideas.

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