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06 Apr 2020

Ebay advice pt 2

| Larry Smith

You probably remember friday's lessons and advice. Here is part 2.

Lesson 6-Packaging

When selling expensive coins, like I said earlier, pack your coins with care and insure them. With coins that are a dollar or two, you will need to do things for cheaper. What I do is I put the coin in a little plastic bag, like 2 inches tall, or a 2x2 or a flip or anything you want really that is thin Just plop it in the envelope and send it. Out of almost 500 sales, I have had one problem with it tearing open, and one problem with thickness.

Lesson 7-staples

Shipping coins in a 2x2 in a normal mailing envelope is fine-unless staples are sticking out. Normal staples stick out a little bit even once they are stapled. If you plan on shipping your coins in 2x2s, use a “flat clinch” brand mini stapler and you will not have problems again. The envelopes are squeezed and scraped through tight places during shipping. The staples will sometimes tear the 2x2 out of the envelope. Trust me. It’s happened.

Lesson 8-Limits

When you first make an ebay account, you will get some selling limits. It starts as low as 10, but if you reach or get close to that limit, it will rise and rise until you can list as much as you want.

Lesson 9-making good listings

When selling coins like indian head cents, you will want to make listings fast. Don’t spend time on a description. It does not help your item sell faster. Just write something generic like “nice coin” or “great for your type collection” and then “check out my store” with a link to your ebay store. You will also want to google “ebay seller hub” and start using that. It will be faster to make listings that way. In a coin listing, you will need the title, the required specifics (don’t waste time adding non-required specifics in-no one cares), the price, and/or starting bid and buy it now,

pictures, and the weight. There is no need to change something that is not required. You will make listings faster this way.

Lesson 10-keep track

On a last note, just keep track of what you send, it might be useful later, and contact buyers through ebay, not personal email.

Stay healthy and Thanks to all doctors and nurses dealing with the pandemic




Level 4

Thanks for those great tips.

Really good insider tip about the listings...one day, I might use these tips should I ever use ebay. Cataloguing sales is important. Also, quick question, do you have to file 10-99 (tax form) on sales from coins on eBay ?


Level 7

Great tips if your a seller. I have no intention of selling. Mine have been committed to my sons. A few will go to Heratage house. There packed now and thats it. I couldnt do it by myslf. Two many coins not enough time. Andnwith this virus it will not make it easy.. Thanksnfor the tips. Mike.

Larry Smith

Level 3

Bang pots and pans and ring bells and cheer to thank doctors. They do it in NYC and italy. be the first in your neigborhood.!!!


Level 6

Good tips. I used floral enclosure card envelopes to put coins in and then a bigger envelope. As to listing I would just use an older listing as a template and then just change what needed changing. Not sure how eBay does it now. Copy/Paste is your friend. Good tips..Thanks. Oh yeah, ship fast. Same day or next day. Pretend it is for you.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I always smush my staples with pliers as those pesky staples do sit up and both take up room and potentially damage the windows of other 2x2s. I used to sell a lot of things on Ebay but the fees and the hassle have made it too much trouble for a person that sold as infrequently as me. Bottom line, the best sellers put themselves in the shoes of a potential buyer and handle all transactions as if they really want your return business. I am currently buying quite frequently from Kenny, last years YN of the year, he has an EbAY shop and sells at fair prices with excellent customer service.


Level 5

Have never sold on EBAY but have always thought about it. I suppose you just need to start somewhere and over time become experienced. Keeping nice records seems important along with all your tips and suggestions. Thanks on the education on ebay and coins. Stay safe this week especially and always.

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