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05 May 2021

old costa rica bills discovered

| user_24235

i have no webcam so i cant show a pic but here is the info:mostly cotton,circa 1936,worth 10 costa rican dollars,brown and blue.extra:soft,issued by costa rican government,bill was found by my grandfather and passed down to me.where did he get it?Unknown.



Level 4

It would be great to see photos.


Level 5

Sounds like a nice little nick-knack to remember your grandfather!


Level 6

Sounds nice. A great keepsake from your Grandfather. ; )


Level 6

Hey, I just noticed you are pretty new here. Welcome. Nothing like grandpa's stuff. Makes it even sweeter to collect. Thanks.


Level 7

It would be nice. But as long as you can see it that s what counts.


Level 6

Sounds nice. Try looking here for a picture to put up: https://en.numista.com/catalogue/index.php?e=costa_rica&r=&ct=banknote&tbb=y&tbc=y&tbl=y&tbt=y&tbf=y&cat=y&ru=&ca=931&no=&v=&d=&i=&a=&dg=&m=&f=&t=&t2=&u=&g=&se= Thanks.


Level 5

Sounds like a nice keepsake to have that your grandfather gave to you. I will search for one on ebay and see what those look like.


Level 6

Too bad, this really does require a picture to add color. Did your Grandfather collect currency or was this just a random note he ran across somehow?

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