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11 Jul 2015

A 1980 Krause Former coin of Island of Lundy

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For seven centuries prior to 1969 the British Island of Lundy was located at the Entrance to Bristol channel 12 miles northwest of Hartford point Devonshire England. Lundy has an area of 1.6 miles and a population of 25 (1980 Krause World coins.)

Lundy had been for several centuries the lair and refugee of pirates & smugglers.
In 1925 Martin Colin Harmon purchased thi island for 16,000 pounds, and 4 years later issued a controversal puffin (sea parrot) token coinage which by virtue of being ruled illegal by a British Court acquired a sentimental value greatly in excess of its dubious numismatic one! Jack Haywood a British Millionaire purchased the island for 150,000 pounds and gave it to the British people!
One and 1/2 Puffin were minted in 1929 & 1965.
This attempted coin is ONLY in a few old Krause World coins such as 1980 edition.
By modern highways, Lundy is now completely connected to England & no longer a remote island.
The Obverse of this token shows Martin Coles Harman. The Reverse shows a Lundy One Puffin Bird.
I still enjoy this beautiful flasher tokem!
I own 1 of the 3,000 minted NGC certified 1965 nickel Brass Puffin proofs. It is one of the nicest I have seen.



Level 6

Interesting blog. Thanks!

Mike B

Level 6

Love coinage from Britian. The tokens . The fish I love it all thank you.

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