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13 Jul 2015

NGC 1878 Gold ms63DPL Dollar

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Reviewing my WOW box of old speaches I brought out another of my favorites! I own a NGC 1878 ms63 DPL GOLD Dollar!

I paid $2,080.
I paid much less than the ridiculous price for gold dollar proofs!
There were only 20 Gold proofs minted for this year.
As a result of the Morgan Dollar mass production that started in 1878, only 3,000 1878 Gold Dollars were minted!
I own only the ONLY NGC DPL!
7 PL exist up to ms63.
This coin has the GREAT FLASH I want without paying for the proof price!



Level 6

I guess... Need photo's to appreciate your collection.


Level 6

That sounds like a wonderful, pretty little coin. Gold dollars are little gems!


Level 7

PhOTOS. We have to see these coins.


Level 5

Would love to see images of the coin!!!


Level 6

Again, we NEED photos!!


Level 4

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