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21 May 2021

Review of "Numismatic Marvels" by Preston Thomas AKA DaNumismasta and Assistant editor Andrew Dao

| Jackson

Hello Jackson here again. Today I am doing a review of "Numismatic Marvels" by Preston Thomas. It is a bi-monthly online magazine. I also want to mention Assistant editor, Andrew Dao and also a shout out to anyone helping or will be helping Preston out. This is a bi-monthly magazine full of information, it is an easy read and fun too. He goes into things like tha background of Alabama with the 2008 Alabama state quarter and the history of the cent. They have a guess the song, he goes into briefly about hobo nickels and just an overall fun read. I'd love for you to go check out and thank you for reading!Note: it is available on his website www.numismastery.weebly.com or you can contact him on the ANA, he is DaNumismasta

17 May 2021

Review of "An Overview of Numismatics" by Preston Thomas AKA DaNumismasta

| Jackson

So, I met a fellow YN member, DaNumismasta, many of you may already know him. Him and I, I hope and hope he agrees too, have made a good connection. I plan on buying and trading with him soon. (stubborn parents) I met him and started talking and to my surprise he has his own book "An Overview of Numismatics" and also a bi-monthly magazine "Numismatic Marvels" both are amazing but for today I'm only reviewing his book, someday I'll get to his magazine. "An Overview of Numismatics" is available FREE on his website www.Numismastery.weebly.com and you can try contact him from his ANA account DaNumismasta and he can hopefully email it to you. He goes over a ton of information for Numismatics and beginner coin collectors and I will not get to it all today. It's not that long, it took me three or four days to read, but don't expect it to be a one month read unless you one chapter every two days. Okay, let's get into it, he starts like any book, how he began collecting. In the first several chapters he goes over how to begin, where to begin, what to do, what supplies you need, the kinds of collecting, etc. Very basic collecting ideas, but very important and confusing to a new collector especially a young collector. He goes into some detail of types of coins, how they came to be, who made them, how they are made, and what they mean. He goes into things like civil war tokens, hobo nickels, Henning nickels, love tokens and even some currency. He explains minting processes, varieties and errors that come from the mint and how to self grade and how TPH grades coins. Ohh and I almost forgot this, what gives a coin value, very important. He also runs through a few oddball coins that the US Mint has come out with over the years. And last but not least Medieval coins. Overall he does an amazing job explaining and giving information in an easy and understandable way. I really think it is an amazing book! Thank You for reading!Note: Some edits may be made to this book over time as he is not 100% complete with it, he hopes to publish someday but cannot say exactly when.DaNumismasta also has not asked me to write this, I have written under my own will but do have his consent to publish this.

12 May 2021

My Idea in making my own local coin club for teens and adults

Young Numismatists Exchange | Jackson

Hi, I"m Jackson, I'm 15 and am active in this hobby. I joined the ANA to become more connected to fellow collectors like me. But I'm more than a half hour away from a local coin club unfortunately. So I've decided to try to make my own! I made a Facebook page called Bowling Green, Ohio coin group. I plan on setting up a flyer in my local library too. I may even try to write something for my High School newspaper. I want this group to be teens and adults. I want it to be friendly and enjoyable to do. I want it to be a place where collectors in my town can talk, share, and trade coins! I want to meet every once in awhile at our local library if the group ever grows. I'm super excited about it and I hope if anyone reads this that is in the Bowling Green, Ohio area will join! Thank You fpr reading!

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