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21 May 2021

Review of "Numismatic Marvels" by Preston Thomas AKA DaNumismasta and Assistant editor Andrew Dao

| Jackson

Hello Jackson here again. Today I am doing a review of "Numismatic Marvels" by Preston Thomas. It is a bi-monthly online magazine. I also want to mention Assistant editor, Andrew Dao and also a shout out to anyone helping or will be helping Preston out. This is a bi-monthly magazine full of information, it is an easy read and fun too. He goes into things like tha background of Alabama with the 2008 Alabama state quarter and the history of the cent. They have a guess the song, he goes into briefly about hobo nickels and just an overall fun read. I'd love for you to go check out and thank you for reading!
Note: it is available on his website www.numismastery.weebly.com or you can contact him on the ANA, he is DaNumismasta



Level 5

Sounds cool.


Level 6

Sounds cool! You are becoming Preston's Press Secretary! Good job! ; )


Level 3

Haha i like that!


Level 5

Will check it out. Haven't had the time yet to really get in there. Thanks

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