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18 Aug 2020

Colonial coins of america. Part 3.

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New Yorke Tokens

The year is 1668. Mr. Francis Lovelace is elected governor of New York. These coins were probably made in England. (Though we are not 100% sure) We also do not have an exact date for the production of this token because it's dateless. We do now however in 1673 there was a law passed that prohibited the use of private tokens. The reverse on this coin has the words "New Yorke in America" on it. This was the how people spelled New York before the early eighteenth century. There is also a very skinny eagle that is in the center of the reverse part of the coin. The obverse shows a tree with Cupid on one side and the Goddess Psyche, with what some think is a butterfly on her back. She is suppose to symbolize the soul. These coins come in two different compositions, copper and lead with the lead piece being rarer. However even the copper piece in general is extremely rare with about 20 pieces known, this token is placed in the book 100 greatest American Medals and Tokens. One very interesting fact about this token is that it was a pattern piece. Pattern piece in the seventeenth century were not like pattern pieces now. They would circulate and if they did well in circulation be produced in more quantity. All of these pieces show sign of circulation however there is no chance these pieces entered circulation in quantity. Numismatists today believe that this token has a face value of one farthing or four to one penny. All in all, this coin is extremely rare having sold on February 22, 2013 for 90,000 US dollars in Extremely Fine condition.

American Plantation Tokens

In 1688, Mr. Richard Holt had the idea to mint a coin compatible with the Spanish Real for the colonies in the New World. This was a smart idea given that the Real was the most popular currency in the New World. The obverse of these coins depict King James II on a horse. The wording on the edge says "IACOBVS . II . D G . MAG . BRI . FRAN . ET . HIB . REX" which in English translates to "James II by the Grace of God King of Great Britain, France and Ireland." The reverse shows the shields of Ireland, Scotland, England and France. All of the shields are pointing to the middle of the coin and in my opinion, symbolize that all of these countries should be one. The wording on the edge bears the words "VAL . 24 PART . REAL . HISPAN ." which in English translates to "Value a(s) 24th part of a Spanish Real." There are three major varieties of this coin. The first one has no "I" in the word "Hib." The second has a sideways "4" in the number "24." The third and final major variety has the Scottish and Irish shield swapped. Since James II abdicated in 1689 and was replaced with King William III we do not know whether or not these coin ever made there way on to a ship to the new world. There were also restrikes made of this coin from the original dies by a London Numismatist in 1828. Finally this coin is in by opinion so interesting because it is made of almost all tin. All in all, this token is very sought after and can sell for up to 20,000 US Dollars or more at some auctions.

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New Yorke Token - https://www.pcgs.com/coinfacts/category/colonials/pre-1776-private-regional-issues/new-yorke-token-1670-1673/808


Level 6

American Plantation Token - https://www.pcgs.com/coinfacts/category/colonials/pre-1776-private-regional-issues-1616-1766/american-plantation-tokens-1688/803


Level 6

You know, this is an excellent blog and I will tell you why: So many of these type, historic, blogs read like they were basically copy/pasted. Not yours. I like reading it in your style. Very well done. Thanks..

Thank you so much for the support Longstrider!


Level 7

Usually coins or tokens. Tokens never have a price based on a variety. I have to check my 2021 Red Book to see. It will be unusual because they take the minting process very lax as far as varities. They didn't have the best die sinkers or equipment . Same as civil war tokens. Thanks for the blog. I think I might learn something today. I enjoyed it.By the way did any of this information come with pictures. ? It's better when we can see what you read.

Coins have stood the test of time and will continue to do so long after us if we take care of them.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Thanks! Again, very well written and informative!


Level 5

Very interesting. Dont have any tokens myself. Would like to have something from that time.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

This is very interesting but I an unclear exactly what coin or token you are writing about. Otherwise very well researched and informative!

I. R Bama I am very sorry I was talking about New Yorke Tokens and American Plantation Tokens.

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