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18 Jun 2020

an new camera! should i use it?

| A.J.

i just got up an PlayStation 3 Camera from an small amount of stuff my dad brought home with him one day. how is it? is it good, or should i stick to my webcam? in may opinion, its ability to be used at more then one angle is great.



Level 4

im just going to stick with my little digital camera that says it can output in 1080P.


Level 4

In my experience, cameras on computers are no good. You have to tilt the computer and you never can get a good shot. I use a phone when I want pictures of coins, and I have a USB microscope when I want to photograph errors and varieties.


Level 6

Too close. You need a hard surface and preferably a tripod to hold everything still. Good to have options. Practice..

could always use both, depending on which better complements a certain coin


Level 7

The Mike speaks. And when he does he's right. I am not going to say the same thing. But that's how you do it!!


Level 3

Needs more practice.....


Level 6

Need to work on your technique a little A.J. It is better to find a stable surface to photograph your coins vice holding them with your micro-trembling hands. You should also make sure your coin is truly in focus and all the details can easily be seen.


Level 4

i cant focus with this camera, because it was supposed to be used for video chats on the game console, from like 20 feed away, not 3 inches.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Kind of blurry, I think that's a familiarity and practice issue. I have a USB digital magnifier that also captures pictures. I can't take a decent picture with it because I can't hold it still enough. I'm going to build some kind of open framed box to set it in so I can get a good steady clear image.


Level 5

Sure, use it. Might need to practice on the lights and angles. Use it till you get something else.

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