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01 Sep 2014

Suggestions From Users for Web Administrator

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To the Administrator of the ANA Website and All Users,

I thought perhaps we might post our questions, suggestions, kudos about the site

in this forum.

For instance: How about a "Contact Us" button?

This way if users were to have a difficulty with the web site they could actually report it to someone


How about an FAQ button? A link to answers to Frequently Asked Questions, would cut down on the traffic my previous suggestion would generate for the Administrator, eg. Click FAQ type in word or phrase like "Who do I have to kill to get my stinking Copper Badge?" hit search, boom the answer: Justin Beiber or whatever the correct answer is.

Anyway, Love the site, realize it is a work in progress.

It takes a village




Level 5

Good to know.


Level 5

I am having a few issues with understanding the My Collections portion. It seems difficult to use IMO. Setting an image for instance, putting it where I want it. The steps are confusing, the tabs seem to cross over to different collections, etc. I don't seem to be able to give it a headline (forgive me for not knowing the correct term right this second) photo to represent each collection. Also deleting a photo that got uploaded twice. Thank you, Cerg


Level 4

Thanks for your timely reply ANA staff,; ) I feel I may have been unclear in my initial post. My suggestion should have read "site specific FAQ as opposed to general numismatic FAQ. Same applies for my 'Contact Us" I meant not for the website operations specifically as opposed to general Numismatics. Also it would be wonderful if these things were available on the home page instead of buried under layers of unrelated hoo ha. Also as it is currently set up,, if you don't already know how to use the site, you will never find the "how to use the site" button. This site is a tremendous undertaking, I applaud you for your achievement. Keep up the great work!!!!Thank you, WInkWink


Level 4

Just realized I should have posted this in the existing forum...Post in haste, repent at leisure


Level 5

HI WinkWink, Thanks for the feedback. Contact the ANA is listed under the About ANA drop down menu. Frequently Asked Questions can be found in the Discover menu. If you have any other questions or suggestions please let us know here on the website or feel free to email us at feedback@money.org.

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