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17 Nov 2014

Beginner ~ please be patient!

| lavender


This is new to me not only regarding coins but even simply writing a blog!

So a first question that is really simple... does anyone know the best book or informational site an aspiring numismatic might

go to for information?

Thank you in advance.



Level 6

Sorry I am un-following you due to no recent activity. Good luck!

coin collector

Level 4

just starting also, not sure looking for one myself.


Level 7

I don't know if your still around but I thought it would be nice to check. I hope you read this this .


Level 5



Level 5

Most, if not all if my knowledge has ben from only two whitman books: "Coins: Questions and Answers," and the "United States Coins 2015" Red Book.


Level 6

Welcome. Beside all these great lists, I enjoy Coin World magazine. It comes in a few different forms.

Amanda Varner

Level 4

Great suggestions by both ... there are also coin forums out there that can provide huge amounts of information directly from experts. They're places for people to not only show off new acquisitions and talk coin news, but ask questions, get multiple opinions, and research. My two favorites are CoinTalk and the PCGS forums. Take a look. :)


Level 6

Hi and welcome! I'm new to this blog stuff too, but I've been collecting coins for about a year. I agree with Numinerd9...The "Red Book" is a must...packed full of info. Also, I get a monthly magazine called "COINage". Lots of good articles that I enjoy. It's not too technical or advanced...just really full of interesting coin stuff :) I think it's also on-line. Have fun!!!!


Level 5

Hello Lavender! I'm very glad to see that you are looking for books regarding numismatic information - much better than just buying coins blindly, which almost never has good results. I would suggest starting with the "Official Guide Book of United States Coins," more commonly referred to as the "Red Book," which is issued annually. The 2015 version is currently available from Whitman publishing via most book distribution outlets, including Wizard Coin Supply, and libraries like the ANA library. (You could check this out from a library, but it's such an important reference book that you ought to own a copy if you are going to pursue collecting US coins.) Another great resource would be the "Coin Collector's Survival Manual" by Scott Travers. It has many helpful hints, as well as pitfalls to avoid for all collectors. I'd start with at least these two books, and I'm sure other collectors on this website will add more helpful posts very soon to guide you on your numismatic path!

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