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07 Mar 2015

Cautions When Buying on eBay

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If you buy coins on eBay, you must take caution out of a number of things.

1. Positive Feedback-Before you read anything about an item, check the seller's feedback. I recommend not buying from sellers with feedback under 99.7%. It is your choice to risk it when it is under 99.6% feedback, but I highly recommend that you DO NOT BUY FROM SOMEONE WITH FEEDBACK UNDER 98%

2. Feedback Scores-After checking the percentage, check the score. If his feedback score is 0, take extreme cautions. If his score is under 50 take caution. If his score is under 5,000, read the description.

3. Recent Feedback-If a person did not have any negatives in between the last 6 months and last year, but has had 10 negatives in the past month, he is probably dropping the ball, so if he is starting to fail, there is a very high likelihood that he will fail with you (he may have 99.6% feedback, but it is really like 80% feedback down.

4.Descriptions and Titles-If a title for three wheat cents is 'Coin Collection,' 'Wheat Pennys,' 'Wheat Pennie,' etc. I would recommend not buying. If the description for a more valuable coins states that he is not sure that the coin is authentic, or 'You decide', be extremely cautious, and at best just don't buy.

5. Pictures-Everyone likes to see a picture of what they are buying, so pick items that have higher-detail pictures. I hate seeing items with blurry pictures, as they also come with vague titles and descriptions.

If you think of any other points, please tell me.



Level 5

thanks, I am starting out with ebay!


Level 4

Helpful, thanks.



Level 6

Use PayPal.


Level 5

Be shire to have a second opinion. I thought I had a fake but I took it to the local dealer and It was authentic!


Level 5

I'm glad it wasn't backwards! :)


Level 4

Just be careful went you buy on e bay. There people out there, the didn,t care. Just watch what you do.

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