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13 Jun 2015

My Best Month Yet!!! Part III


I hope the amount of pictures isn't overwhelming!

Four days after our Grandparents arrived, we went to the Liberty Science Center, which is only a mile or two from the Statue of Liberty and New York City. We are allowed to spend $10 in the gift shop, but I decided not to get more candy or nick-knacks, but rather to save it for the new coin store. I went two days later. This time, I was thirsting for silver. I asked for the silver dime bin, and they gave it to me. There were about 1000 Mercury and Roosevelt Dimes in there, in which I searched. I had $45 to spend, and the silver coins were $12.09 per dollar face value.
I pulled out 20 dimes:
1907 VG-8 (Only Barber in the bin)
1916 G-4 (Mercury)
1917 VF-20 Cleaned
1919 G-4 Tarnished Black
1923 G-4 Cleaned
1924 VG-8
1926-D G-4 (Questionable Color)
1930-S VG-8
1934 VG-8
1941 AU-50
1944-S VG-8
1947-S AU/BU
1949-S XF-40
1955-S MS-64
1958-D MS-63
1960 MS-65
1963 MS-64
1963-D MS-64
1964 MS-64
1964-D MS-64

I also pulled out 4 Quarters:
'S' Mint SLQ, G-6
1932 G-6
1934 Heavy Motto VG-8
1935 VG-10

Last of all, I got 3 more coins:
1776-1976-S Type 2 Clad Bicenntennial Dollar, PR-65, $3.60
2004-D Sacagawea Dollar, MS-65/66, $1.95
2014-D Sacagawea Native American Dollar, $2.50

The total came out to $44.00, but I valued the coins at about $125.

I will post The Story of the coins in Part II within the week.



Level 7

That's the set to go for. Very underrated. I don't know why a lot of people don't collect them. Mike

Wow! That must have been a great deal. What coin store was it?


Level 5

That is the way to go buddy! keep it up!

Mike Ellis

Level 4

Awesome! I love reading about and seeing the finds of fellow collectors!


Level 5

Congratulations! A little hard work pays off. Keep it up!!!


Level 6

Wow! You hit the jackpot!!! Great job!

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