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23 May 2015

Liberty V Nickels: The Easiest Set to Complete

Coins-United States | CMCC

For Date-Set collectors, I find that Liberty V Nickels are cheap and easy to assemble an almost complete set. It does get expensive to assemble a complete set.

22 May 2015

School Writing About Nickels


To finish my English book, the last lesson was to do write or paragraph or three of a certain topic. I would like to support the hobby by writing this, so that if anyone who does not collect reads it, he may get into it. The writing is as follows:

27 Mar 2015

Semi-Key Collecting, Part I

Coins | CMCC

One way that I like to build my collection is by Semi-Key Collecting. Instead of getting all the common dates, I like to buy slightly rarer dates. I don't get extremely common dates, like the 1936 Buffalo nickel, or extremely rare dates, like the 1885 Liberty Nickel, but I get mid-mintage dates, like the 1894 Liberty Nickel.

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