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01 Sep 2015

The Long Ride and the Big Purchase, and a Boost to my Collection!

Coins-United States | CMCC

Okay, maybe to some of you this is not a big purchase, but the biggest purchase I have yet made solely for my collection; and maybe this should be a collection, not a blog, but I have more than new coins!

26 Jun 2015

4 More Knocked Off of the Bucket List!!!

Coins-United States | CMCC

In the woods on the far end of the property that we live on, there are two creeks. Second Creek is the larger one, but is farther into those woods. I, my brother, and a friend of ours blazed a trail, and we used marks the same way Native Americans did. There are two spots that we like to stop at, one is what I call the 'Lagoon,' where there is a wonderfully clear spot, rocks to cross, a school of fish, a fence with barbed wire in the water, and the best part is that one side of the creek is 6 feet higher than the other, so we have to jump!

13 Jun 2015

My Best Month Yet!!! Part III


I hope the amount of pictures isn't overwhelming!

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