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13 Feb 2015

Type Set Collecting

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I have made my decision for 2015: I will focus on making an 'Ungraded Amateur Type Set,' in which coins may be ungraded, and coins may not be worth over $100, unless I manage to get an amazing deal. This means that I will not get Liberty Cap Half Cents and Large Cents, 1864 Small Motto Two Cent, Flowing Hair and Draped Bust Half Dimes, Dimes, Quarters, and Half Dollars, I will not get Twenty-Cent pieces or pre-morgan silver dollars. Nor will any gold be included.

I have no folder or album fitting for my custom variety, so I am using a 1/2 in. binder for the 5 pages in the Type Set.

One problem that I already have had twice is: Should I have it in my type set or date set? The two coins are the 1859 Indian Head Cent and 1913-D Type 1 Buffalo Nickel. The 1859 is my only 1859, and the only year of the Laurel Wreath Reverse. I decided to put it in my type set. The 1913-D Buffalo Nickel is also my only Type 1, I also decided to put this one in the type set. Anyway, I plan on getting an Unc. 1913 Type 1 Someday.

No Matter how you collect, enjoy it!



Level 7

You collect coins the way you like. That's the hobby that's the fun. Enjoy it.


Level 4

Great idea. You are highlighting what this hobby should really be about: Collecting coins for fun. I took a hiatus from collecting because I was disappointed about the seemingly strong emphasis on "investment." While, of course, there is nothing wrong with parlaying a smart coin purchase into a profit, it is nice to simply find the enjoyment of collecting--and in whatever manner works for you.

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