New coins!

09 Mar 2015

I have a friend that I trade with, and a couple months ago I sent him a few coins, and I just got some recently. I got a 1946-S Wheat, 1928-D Wheat, 1918-D Wheat, and one other date (can't remember). Also, I got a 1830 Colonial coin and a 1788 Colonial coin. These are some great specimens (in my eyes) as these are my first colonials and the 1788 in the oldest coin in my collection by 65 years (besides the other colonial).



Level 5

I used to have a friend who collected also when I was young. We made some deals. Really nice old coins.


Level 5

Very nice trades! I myself have yet to pickup a US colonial coin


Level 5

cool, old coin!


Level 3

This 1788 coin is 1 duit of Dutch East Indies (Netherland Indies) with headquarter in Amsterdam.


Level 5



Level 6

Very cool!



Level 4

I just found a 1945 S in the till here at the ANA Gift Shop! I was so excited when I found it that I traded it out with one of the cents I had in my purse! I have also found a star $1 note. Gotta keep your eyes peeled!


Level 2

That's really great about the 1788 Colonial coin. Congratulations!


Level 5


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