13 Feb 2015

This is going to be my last collection that is part of my "My Coin Collection So Far" Collection, except for something new that I made for my collection. I am making this blog to show all the silver in my collection. Currently, it comes to 6.0 troy ounces.

Silver Roosevelt Dimes: My first Roosevelt was an AU-50 1961, this somehow made its way into my collection (see more in my blog about how my collection started). A few months later, I got an VF-30 to XF-40 1946, this is the one with the darker tarnishing on it. The next was a worn VF 1948, this was my first silver dime I found in a bank roll. Next came an XF-45 to AU-55 1950-S, I really love this one, because it has an 'S' mintmark and is a better date. Later I bought my error: an XF to AU 1964-D Clipped Planchet, I won this for $5.69. In June of 2014, I metal detected an XF 1946 (the one with the lesser toning), last of all was a BU 1964, this one was my second and last 90% silver coin found in a bank roll. I would guess that this was accidentally put in a bank roll from someone's collection, because it is in absoulutely Brilliant Uncirculated condition, except for some light blemishes on Roosevelt's face. To a Metal Detectorist, silver Roosevelt Dimes are called "Rosie's."

Mercury Dimes: In November 2013, I was given an AU or Weak Strike BU 1945 Mercury Dime. Everywhere seems to be BU on this coin, but the bands are worn on the reverse. This one I estimated @ $6.00. Next month, I got a F-12 1944 Mercury Dime. In January of 2014, I got an XF 1942, and then in June, I got a F-VF 1924-S Mercury Dime. This one is very tarnished, but I love it, because it is old and has a mintmark, and has under 10,000,000 minted. What I find that is funny, is that I have metal detected a last year Barber and a first year 'Rosie', but none of the 'Mercs' In between!

Barber Dimes: In September 2013, I got an AG-3+ 1902-O Mercury Dime. I was so excited over my $2 coin, especially since it had the 'O' Mintmark; this was my first coin from a non-existent mint. In December 2013, I metal detected an XF+ 1916 Barber Dime (see more about metal detecting finds in my blog!), this one is worth about $35-$50. In September of 2014, I found a F-12 to F-15 1914 Barber Dime, this one is worth $3-4. In October 2014, I bought a lot of 9 better date barber dimes (1895-S x 2, 1900-O x 4, and 1905-o micro O x 3). I made $8 profit, and I kept a FR-2 to AG-3 1900-O and a G-4 Damaged 1905-o Barber Dimes.

Silver Quarters and Halves: In 2013, I got 1956 VF and 1945 VF Washingtons, I got them about 4 months apart from each other. In 2015, I got an AU-50 to AU-55 1964-D Washington, I really love this one because of the reverse mintmark; and then I got an AG 'S' Mintmark SLQ. Most people would call it dateless, but I was not satisfied with 'dateless', so, with heavy magnification, I saw part of a '7', so I identified it as a 1917-S Type 2.
In 2013, I got an AU-Unc. 1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar, this was a date I longed to have, because it was a one-year issue (90%) and had the reverse mintmark. I was so excited when I saw it, that I didn't check for a mintmark, and when I did, I was even more excited! Just recently I got a VF-XF 1967 40% Kennedy Half Dollar

Silver Dollars: Last January, for my birthday, I got a circa AU-58 1885-O Morgan Dollar, on January 12th, a friend of mine gave me an AG 1896-O Morgan Dollar. That very same day, a box arrived in the mail, which contained clothes and things for me and my six siblings. In a tape box, there was an AU-50 1902 Morgan Dollar. Only a couple of days later, I was given a cleaned VF-30 1884-O Morgan Dollar.

In three days I got three morgan dollars and my silver weight increased by 67%! From 3.6 Ounces to 6.0!!!

I am not going to discuss war nickels, because there are only 11 dates for 4 years.

Happy Silver Stacking Everyone!!!



Level 5

Everyone loves to own some silver. keep collecting. Having some silver is always a good thing. Nice bunch of silver coins.


Level 5

nice collection!


Level 5

Nice assortment of US silvers, keep them coming!


Level 7

I don't use cool or dude I'm a little older for that but I will say good for you. You know what you want and you collect it. It doesn't matter how long as you do. It doesn't matter if you have seven ounces or a hundred. As long as you have coins you enjoy that's what counts. I believe you'll have a terrific collection one day soon. As long as you keep at it. I liked your blog it brought back memories. Thank you for your work and information. Mike


Level 5

cool silver dude!


Level 6

Wow! How cool! Love that silver!


Level 4

Dude those are some silver pieces.


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