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09 Aug 2019

Book Review of the Standard Catalog of World Coins (40th edition 1901-2000)

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A Book Review of the Standard Catalog of World Coins (40th edition 1901-2000)

Published by Krause Publications

This book contains 2300 pages of most of, if not all, world coins and official sets minted between 1901 and 2000. Also included is a phenomenal description of the weight in grams, the diameter, the metal used to mint, and a description of the obverse, reverse, and edge. It provides mintages, catalog numbers, and a value for the piece in F, VF, XF, UNC and BU. Also housed in this vast book is a map of the general location of the country, the rulers of the time period in the book, a history of the country, the mint names/mint marks, monetary system, and where applicable, how the coins were dated in relation to the Western calendar.

In the front there is a grading terminology for countries other than the USA, the Standard International Numerical System, bullion charts for value of bullion in dollars in relation to quantity. There also is a foreign exchange rate list (as of March 13,2013 in mine), an illustrated guide to Eastern Mint names as they may appear on coins, and conversions from the Hijra (the Islamic dating system) to the AD Christian Date.

All in all, there are over 250 countries included (some countries such as Germany are divided into multiple countries depending on time period such as Third Reich, Republic, Democratic Republic…). Over 60,000 full sized illustrations are included in this library that is one book.

MSRP on this particular edition is 70 USD and it is worth every single cent.



Level 6

Great review! A must have for World Coin collectors. Thanks!


Level 6

Great reference book. I'm with Mokie and buy older editions to save $$. Thanks for not saying you read the entire book .. Some here have said that.


Level 7

Good blog but Sun nailed it. A great book for world collectors. I love The Mega Red 1500 pages and thousands of pictures . It has every coin that came to this country from other countries has every coin ever made here. Tokens medals.Everything you need.. . With all the books i collected my floors.would give away. So I bought the books on what i collected. Tokens civil war Fulds book. Or Q. David Bowers.English books on Conder tokens plus many others.. And the Mega red. Plus others of coins I collect. This kept my library good and my floors safe. Great blog. Thanks for taking the time.


Level 6

A must have book if you are into World coins.

I have an edition of this, and find it very helpful with translating dates, and identifying specimen's country

It's Mokie

Level 6

Definitely something that you must have in your library, I always buy an older edition to save some dollars.

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