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25 Aug 2017


Coins | user_30307

So today after school, I'm going to Nebraska. The last coins that I had looked through, like pennies and other coins, hadn't been turned in yet. I always go to a first bank because there is one by me, and its coin counting machine doesn't take your money! I never use coinstar anymore because it requires some money to actually operate. For example: $10 = $7. What I got back was $38! When we hit the road after school, we're gonna stop by some banks. I'm planning on getting a box of pennies, and a roll of halves. Also, I might be uploading on my youtube channel! I am sure that it'll be fun!



Level 5

The fun of the new treasure hunt. Keep it up.


Level 6

Keep searching & you will make good finds! I can't even find half dollar rolls in my area.


Level 5

Good Luck! I always look for the smallest bank. I figure they probably have fewer people telling them when to send money back the headquarters and such.


Level 5

Good Luck. Used to live in Nebraska, enjoy the trip and the countryside.


Level 6

Good luck. Nice plan. No banks around me even have half dollars any longer. I'm happy with my pennies "Lincoln Cents".

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

lots of luck to the chances of you finding a wheat is high and the chances of you finding silver is low but every roll is different. good luck


Level 7

Well lots of luck I hope you find something nice. And enjoy it. That's the best part. Mike.

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