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13 Aug 2017


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My first Indian head penny found coin roll hunting happened in the year of 2016. I was looking through one of the best boxes of pennies. I had already found a 1951 king George Canadian penny, a 1964 young head Canadian penny, and a couple of errors. The next morning, I started looking through the other half of the box. I wasn't finding anything. I started to get the idea that I had found everything in the box. But then this happened! I was looking through what looked like a regular roll of pennies. I was sliding them out of the roll, and that's when I saw a reverse of and Indian head penny. And old, brown ONE CENT was staring back at me! I gasped louder then I ever had. I was freaking out! when I flipped it over to see what the year, I was a little surprised! IT WAS A 1905!!!!
It was the first Indian I had ever found!



Level 5

We can hear the excitement. Thanks and congrats.


Level 3

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

never found one of those. that is amazing


Level 6

Welcome to our club!! I very jealous of you. I can't tell you how many rolls of Cents I've gone through. Thousands and thousands surly. Never found a Indian head. Lots of other fun stuff though. Keep looking!


Level 5

I received an Indian Head Cent for change at a convenience store and remember my excitement at my first IHC. Congratulations, nice find!

Wow, congratulations!


Level 3

Great finds! It's getting those one or two gems that keeps me coin roll hunting too


Level 5

Oh what a feeling!! It has happened to me too.


Level 4

There are coins placed back in circulation daily that should not be there.... Good find!


Level 5

Nice find! Keep enjoying searching rolls.


Level 7

Welcome to the ANA the best place to be. I have been collecting for twenty three years and still love to coin roll. Have fun collecting best hobby there is. Mike.


Level 6

What a find! That coin is 112 yrs old. Wonder where it's been. In all my years, I never found an Indian cent in circulation!


Level 3

Thank you for commenting! I just joined this club!

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