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25 Aug 2017

Stunning Sight!

| user_30307

A couple days ago, I experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity... THE SOLAR ECLIPSE OF 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 92% of the sun was covered by the moon. It got cold and dark out. It was SOOOOOOO freakin' cool! I think the next solar eclipse is on April 8. 2024! I hope other people enjoyed it as much as I did!



Level 5

It was cool to see and something that will last in the memory for some time.


Level 6

Yes, indeed. It was spectacular. Hope to be around for the one in 2024!


Level 5

I enjoyed the eclipse too. The light was what I would call twilight. Birds were chirping like it was morning.


Level 6

Crikey. It was a freaky light level..

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

the next one is going the other way across america. i will probably be at niagra falls to view the 100% (yes plans are already made)


Level 7

Well I live in N.Y. and it didn't get dark at all. We didn't get the full effect. I'm glad you did and millions of others. Maybe th next one I will see. Glad you enjoyed it. You saw history. Mike

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