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03 Nov 2021


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Collections are great! Whats in your collection? State the comments below what your collection is like.

my collection is mostly: US coins. a few silver dollars .some foriegn ad US paper money. mexican silver coins, and other foriegn silver coins. misc. error coins. silver bullion and wheat cents.

Whats in your collection?



Level 5

I collect mainly 20th and 21st century coins for folders/albums, but I also collect some random miscellaneous foreign coins as well. I’m currently working on my Franklin Half Dollar Album.


AC coin$

Level 6

Hi everyone, My collection consists mostly of US and worldwide Silver, brass, nickel and bronze alloys coins. Also US certified bank notes and starred and, rare serial numbered bills. My main attraction is a $ilver US Quarter. Love our first President. THANKS all!!!

nice! Hey i have a question for you. How much would you say your average star note is worth. i 2 of them serial numbers are: H 03114562 * and H 03046432 * do you know how much they are worth, i found them in pocket change

Morgan dollars, and different U.S. coins. I'm trying to collect all of them if they are underneath a dollar face value.


Level 5

Whatever I find interesting or collectable. Have some unusual things in the so called dollar area. No museum pieces.

Kevin Leab

Level 4

Way too much to get into detail.... I've been collecting since 1979 I collect mostly US Coins... .I'm also working on a set of German 2 Reichsmark coins from 1934-1939.

do you have any individual pieces you would like to share?


Level 6

Mercury Dimes and Buffalo Nickels... to start.... haha ; )


Level 6

My collection is whatever catches my eye.


Level 7

I collect U.S. coins and 1700's tokens from England called Conder tokens. With American tokens from the civil war and many others.

nice! same with me


Level 7

That's a good question. I'm sorry I can't answer it. I have been collecting 29 years now. So it would take about a week !! Thanks take care! Don't worry someday you will have a great collection.

do you have any individual pieces you would like to share?

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