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20 Feb 2020


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I started up a YouTube channel, where I hope to help people learn about numismatics and also share my love for the hobby.
First video: About the Carson City Mint



Level 2

Thanks for the the comments. I'm doing my research in books before I go post a video . I'm just hoping to help other who enjoy and love the hobby like I do.


Level 4

I like the history of the mints and reading about the early days. Will check out your youtube show. My local coin club leaders have done a few shows on coin collecting. They put a lot of time into it, and enjoy doing it. Thanks.


Level 5

A good effort but watch that light behind you, it is distracting in the video.

Mike B

Level 6

That's good I hope you do well. There are allot of proclaimed experts. Be careful. Books on coins give more knowledge than the tube. This site is were you learn. Some to go the tube and come back. You read the blogs here the research is great every coin,token,and medal tell a story. I watched one. How to clean your coins. Well you cant. You have brought the value down and NGC will not give you a grade. Have fun I hope it works.out. But the book before the coin.


Level 5

Well done. Maybe you can write some blogs for this site. Always looking for more bloggers.

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