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06 Oct 2019

A Guide Book of United States Coins 2019 by RS Yeoman

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A Guide Book of United States Coins by RS Yeoman was a good book. I loved looking through all the pictures in it, and I would tab pages with my favorite coins that I want in the future. I really liked this book because you do not even have to read if you do not want to, because there are a bunch of pictures on every page, and this really helped me start coin collecting because I got mesmerized looking at all the different coins, especially old coins that are from the 1800’s. I also really like the spiral back, it makes it easy to read and to find the page you are looking for. I would recommend this book to all collectors, because it has prices and values, and lots of good information on every coin, and lots of pictures. A new one comes out every year, too so its good to know the recent stuff.



Level 4

3 people did reviews of this book. Guys, don't do that.


Level 6

Good job and a great book. I'm also a big spiral fan. Lays flat..

Prodigy Coins

Level 4

A must have for all collectors.


Level 7

What's the name of the book.? The Red Book. Everyone should have one.

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