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06 Oct 2019

A Kids Guide to Collecting Coins by Arlyn G. Sieber

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A Kids Guide to Collecting Coins by Arlyn G. Sieber was a very informative book that I loved reading. It had lost of pictures, so you knew what the author was talking about. There were a lot of big words about coin collecting, but it had a definition for each of them, so I know more now. It also taught me to make sure you look at your pocket change, because it might be sliver. That dimes and quarters before 1964 are silver, and after I learned that, I was able to go through my piggy bank, and I actually found a dime from 1958, so it was made of silver. I also learned that the front of a coin is called the obverse, and the back of the coin is called the reverse. I would recommend this book to all collectors, because then you might find silver coins and it would teach you a lot.



Level 7

This is not right. Three people writing the same review . You will get caught


Level 4

Umm there was 3 people who did a review of this book. Are they bots?


Level 6

Great read and you are learning. Nothing better.. Thanks.

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