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06 Oct 2019

Coin Collecting for Kids by Steve Otifinoski

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Coin Collecting for Kids by Steve Otifinoski was a great book because it had a lot of very good information, and it did not use a lot of really big words, and if it did, it explained what it meant. I really liked all the pictures and all the information on every type of coin. I learned a lot, even though it was pretty short. I wish they would make a second book like the first. It was a very unique book, because it had a cover, but instead of being a regular book cover, it had a lot of holes in it that you can put quarters in, like those coin books that you find pocket change with the right date and mint mark to put in. I thought that it was a really cool feature to add to the book, and it made it more memorable. I would recommend this book to anyone my age, to YNs, to people starting out in collecting coins and old collectors who want to get their kids involved in coin collecting, and of course to people who love the coin books.



Level 4

Why are you trying to undermine the YN Dollar system? Shame on you and hope to not see you in ANA. If you want to do this, go somewhere else.


Level 6

Glad you like it and learned. Thanks.

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