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07 Jul 2019

Update on melt value of silver coins JUL 2019

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These are the current melt values of U.S. Silver coins.

99.93% silver-American Silver Eagle-$15.14

90% silver-Morgan dollar-$11.71

90% silver-Peace dollar-$11.71

90% silver- Barber half dollar-$5.48

90% silver-Walking liberty half dollar-$5.48

90% silver-Franklin half dollar-$5.48

90% silver-(1964) Kennedy half dollar-$5.48

90% silver-Barber quarter-$2.74

90% silver-Standing liberty quarter-$2.74

90% silver-(1932-1964) Washington quarter-$2.74

90% silver-Barber dime-$1.09

90% silver-Winged liberty head "mercury" dime-$1.09

90% silver-(1946-1964) Roosevelt dime-$1.09

40% silver-Eisenhower dollar-$4.79

40% silver-(1965-1970) Kennedy half dollar-$2.24

35% silver-(1942-1945) Jefferson nickel-$0.85





Level 5

Oh man, were these the days... dang covid plunged silver to $12, then rose to almost $30... I wish I had used that to my advantage, but was feeling unwell and was in quarentine.... Covid sure is a boy scout.....


Level 7

There bidding the 2020 eagle since the series will stop. Changes in obverse for counterfeiting and the reverse all new.

You know what? It's actually a sorta good thing, the difference between the most value and coin value, because it shows that coins are more than their alloy content


Level 7

I'm not into melt prices. I collect for the beauty of rarity of the coin. If I was I would just buy Ten Ounce bars and stack them. Thanks for the information . I hope that day doesn't come think of the beauty and history that will be lost. Besides I'm not up on the laws concerning melting our coinage. Thanks again.


Level 6

Thanks for all the information. I don't want to have to sell my silver for melt that's for sure!


Level 6

I hope I never get to the point I need to sell my collection for melt value. Thanks.

Thanks for the info

It's Mokie

Level 6

Of course if you weigh an average circulated Barber Dime and an average circulated Roosevelt Dime, you will most probably have a weight discrepancy since the average circulated Barber Dime will be no better than Good Condition and the Roosevelt Dime will probably average Very Fine. I doubt if your average coin dealer is that precise though.

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