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12 Oct 2015

Fun at monthly Greater Atlanta Coin Show

Coins | ColumbusGa

Took a trip to the Greater Atl coin show yesterday and had a good time talking to other coin enthusiasts and just watching ( and listening).

A lot of good people !
Picked up a couple coins ( raw).
Something about raw coins are more attractive to me.
1857 Flying Eagle AU
1909 V.D.B. X.F.
A few Indian head cents and a few Wheats
Had a good time.
Thanks to fellow collectors !



Level 6

Due to lack of recent activity I am "un-following" you. Good luck on your collecting.


Level 6

That Flying Eagle cent sounds lovely.


Level 7

I love raw coins also but I always have them protected . Or you won't have them long. Glad you had a good time all shows are fun. Good for you nice pick ups Mike..


Level 6

Coin shows are best! I'm glad you had a good time.

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