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02 Sep 2022

1920 China Ten Cash (Wen) Commemorative Coin

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In January 1912 the First Chinese Republic was founded officially ending the rule of the Imperial Qing Dynasty. Imperialism in China lasted for about 2000 years, passing from one dynasty to the other. Even though the Qing Dynasty brought much industrial and financial progress to the Nation, many sectors from society were tired of the tight "glove" measures established by the Emperors and their favored ones. Militia factions from the peasant villages and many adherent communities belonguing to large populated areas armed successfully in an uprising around late 1911, a revolutionary act that overthrew the Empire mechanisms of control. It took then well over a year to stabilize the National movements and consolidate the Nation in a New Republic, such stability was reached in 1913 and onwards.

This dark copper made coin commemorated the turn of the Chinese Nation into a formal structured poliyically organized country., thus ending traditionalism.

The Ten Wen or Ten Cash coin brings the representation of the founding National flags of the young republic at that time on one side and a Chinese-English side with the denomination and state identification or name.

It is quite a great sample of Chinese evolution into modern times. I have used the more recent and official flag of the "People's Republic of China," because statutorial mandates prohibit usage or depiction of old official emblems or ensings.

I hope you enjoy this historical coin. Comments welcome.

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Level 6

Nice, but I'm not too fond of Chinese coinage. Thanks for sharing. ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

Thank you Kepi.


Level 6

@user_93254 For more info on the PRC look up Mao's Long March. 1934-1935.


Level 4

Found no additional references in the collections. ????


Level 4

I also know nothing about Chinese coins. However, as brief as it may be, I have learned something here. Had no idea that the Chinese republic was so young!


Level 7

Please a bibliography. I do not know much on Chinese coins. I would appreciate it if you would kindly list it.

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