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18 May 2022


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The official currency of the Republic of Haiti is the "Gourde." Its name comes from the Spanish old derivative "gordo" or fat one.

Having limited exportation and a struggling economy the Haitian Gourde is on a floating rate for financial markets. It used to be pegged to the US Dollar and the French Franco since April 1919, but as of 1989 this convenience was left out in favor of an open retributive market.

This note circulated from 1946 to 1950. It bears the image of Citadel La Ferrière in Nord, Haití. It is a gloriously built fortress atop a hill and nowadays is considered a nice stop for tourism in that area. This image is on the bill's obverse, and the reverse shows the National Coat of Arms among several banking features.

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Very cool design. History in your hands.

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Nice design! ; )

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