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27 Dec 2022

1965 Kennedy 50 Cents

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AC's Secrets #36

1965 Kennedy Half Dollar, SMS

NGC Graded MS66

Almost after President Kennedy's tragic death, the United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing received expedite orders to issue the reknown Kennedy Half Dollar. From 1965 to 1970 the beautiful coin was struck in 40 % silver composition.

The item shown here is one of the almost two and a half million minted of this Special Mint Set quality and attention to details.

A most relevant man and President of our Nation, John Fitzgerald Kennedy turned the United States of America into a more modern society thus preparingit for future challenges in all possible aspects. Enjoy this great coin and, thanks for your visits and comments.
In my own words.

For further details about this item and others please visit my collections section.

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Level 6

Your welcome... Milk spots can just appear out of nowhere even with the coin inside a holder. Crazy! ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

Thanks so much for the explanation, Kepi !!! I have learned something new. Liked that a lot!!


Level 6

Am I seeing "milk spots" on this coin? I hate it when that happens. ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

I know, it is rather strange and actually thanks to you I just noticed it. Have had this item dor sime time now. I consider it a jewel. Thanks much for your keen sight.!!!

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