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24 May 2022

1974 Dominican Republic 5 Centavos Coin

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The currency of the Dominican Republic for this year of 1974 was the Peso or the Peso Oro. Its change rate at that time in USD was:1974 Dominican Peso = 35.7294 US Dollar, according to "exchangerates.org" facts and figures.

Within this year 1974 and throughout the following decades, the economy of the Dominicans strived from services, mostly tied to tourism, to low exportation of coffee, refined sugar and agricultural products.

Beautifully minted with a native indian head wearing a hairtop with the word: "Libertad", this coin shows its weight in grams and the National Coat of Arms.
The monetary code for the Dominican Republic's Peso is DOP. Some instantes may show the monetary figures in "RD$" sided by the denomination being exchanged.

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simple but meaningful design.

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Great design! ; )

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