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20 May 2022

1979 Trinidad and Tobago 10 Cents Coin

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Since 1962, the beautiful two-islands sisters of Trinidad and Tobago became an official Republic. The islands have an intense rich historical development being discovered in 1498 by Christopher Columbus, this becoming a dominion or colony of Spain until 1797. Settled by French from the surrouding Caribbean islands and British sdministration until its full independence.

A nice attractive coin, bearing the Coat of Arms and a rather know flower in the Caribbean, know as the fire hibiscus. Beautifully minted it is very important to have as a collector.

The currency of Trinidad and Tobago is the Trinidad/Tobago Dollar. Its international symbol is The TT$ and it runs an equivalency of .15 to a USD.

In my own words.

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Must be really great in MS. Hard to tell from the photos.

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Thanks for your comment .


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Cool design! ; )

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Thanks .


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