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21 May 2022

1987 Mexico 5000 Pesos Banknote

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On the 13th of September, 1847 a heavy battle was fought between US and Mexican Forces outside México City. The Battle of Chapultepec and its Castle was marked in history forever.

On the obverse of this large printed note the images of the faces of six brave adolescent Mexican cadets who defender gallantly their beliefs and honor as the call to arms was given.

The reverse of this bsnknote brings us the central view of the reknown Chapultepec Castle outside the Mexican capital, among other contemporary features Already non-circulating this is a nice bill to safekeep. Enjoy.

In my own words.

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Level 5

A nice honor for their history. I bet it looked really great in CU.


Level 4


AC coin$

Level 6

Thanks .


Level 6

Nice design. Is it just the photo or has the note been wadded up and wrinkled? ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

Thanks for your comment .

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