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17 Sep 2022

2019 Houston Space Center Token

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Thisgorgeous Houston Space Center token is a "souvenir" from one of my trips to Texas in 2019.

A wonderful year, I got to visit the Saturn V Experience Exhibit. I recall seeing thru glass protected areas NASA engineers working on robotics and other experimental equipments. I had the opportunity to visit my beloved aunt, who passedaway last month, twice this year. I went to see her in September and in December 2019. It was a highly joyful trip for me as I have much affection for my relatives in Texas. I am glad to have had the chance to be by my aunt's side for her birthday and in Christmas as well.

This magnificent token was regularly acquired at the Space Center's store, yet its value and beautiful brass-like material will go high in my soul forever. The token cherishes the Saturn V rocket manufacturing, reliability and missionslaunched from Cape Cañaveral. Florida. Many top secret projects andmarvelous US scientific space explorationshave been put up together and coordinated from Johnson Space Center and Mission Control, Houston.

**As for the token, there is not much information available or disclosed regarding quantities produced, nor material(s) used when manufacturing or minting it. Its approximatediameter is around 27-29 mm and about 6.3 grs of weight. Its border or circumference is reeded. Thank you for your visits and comments in this and all my blogs.

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Level 6

I like that motto on the token... "Do Something Amazing". So sorry to hear of your Aunts passing. It sure sounds like you have a lot of great memories of your visits.

AC coin$

Level 6

Indeed, Kepi. I miss her a lot. Still only a few weeks after her passing. But i will cherish her memories and my times with my cousins in Texas forever. Thanks for your kind words. It is a rather important token since it brings up the Saturn V Rockets which gave impulse to our space program capsules and missions.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I'm sorry to learn of your aunt passing away and glad you got to see her before she passed. The token is very nice. I hope the memories it will bring are joyous for you

AC coin$

Level 6

Thanks much,Bama.


Level 4

Sorry to hear of your aunt’s passing, but I’m sure this token will hold a lot of fond memories & joy for you. 😺 I have a few tokens, but nothing as nice as that. Great blog!!

AC coin$

Level 6

Thank you, friend.

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