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12 Jan 2022

Austrian 1955 and 1972 coins

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Here I show two beautiful foreign coins from Austria. One 1955 10 Groschen coin and a 1 Schilling coin. The Black Eagle is the National emblem as it appears in many of the Austrian coinage and paper money. It is an ancient symbol of power that dates from the early Austro-Hungarian kingdom and its closer principalities.

The schilling (German: Schilling) was the currency of Austria from1925 to 1938*and from 1945 to 1999, and the circulating currency until 2002. The euro was introduced at a fixed parity of €1 = 13.7603 schilling to replace it. The schilling was divided into 100 groschen.
*Nazi German Authorities ruled the nation's monetary system from its takeover in 1938 until the end of World War II.

The Austrian Mint House is located in Vienna, the capital of this European country. A pan-like image is included showing most of the old city's structures. Great classical composer Mozart wrote and made public most his glorious masterpieces in this highly visited city.

Insbruck, a Winter Olympics tourist Paradise

My brother once told me that he visited this wonderful old-town and city in Summer 1999. People treated him kindly as he spoke some German while visiting a restaurant and ordering "schnitzel und kaptoffelsalat" a local favorite of breaded fried chicken patties and potato salad.Locals made him feel like he was born there.The old town's main square is shown in a picture included here. The high peaks in the background are the Alps, behind them, Switzerland.

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Level 6

Very nice.


Level 4

Very nice coin. I think that foreign coins can be lame or very cool. Those are definitely the latter.


Level 6

Enjoyed your blog! Beautiful coins and photos! ; )

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I have quite a few coins from the Ostereich republic. Many are from the late 1800s and early 1900s due to my father's mother's collection which inherited

AC coin$

Level 5

Hold on to that collection with your live . It is costly and attractive .

I just saw those coins in your collection. Sounds and looks like a nice place.

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