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14 Jan 2022

Florida Everglades 2014 Quarter

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When Spanish conqueror Juan Ponce De León said that Florida was the land of youth and eternal life might have not been mistaken at all because of the life-sustaining Everglades.

In this coin you will find curious details that somehow can surprise many collectors so keep a trained eye on the quarter's art and its corners. A hidden beauty for this coin which holds its design altogether with the protection of wildlife.

The Everglades is an expansive area of land in south Florida, which consists of 1.5 million acres of wetland. Since the park covers such a large area of south Florida, planning is a must. There are three entrances to Everglades National Park and they arenotconnected, they are accessed throughdifferent areas of south Florida.

AC Coin$.

∆∆∆ An additional image was included on January 16, 2022 for further coin study/detail....



Level 6

Nice coin! Love that little toad... haha ; )


Level 6

I would love to visit the Everglades. Some day. Thanks Angel.

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